Nárazový kov 16 x 16

Schlagmetall Antikgold Farbe 2
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  • CZ140-160002IA
  Imitation Gold Leaf contains no finegold. It is a pure metal-alloy of copper and zinc.... více
Informace o produktu "Nárazový kov 16 x 16"


Imitation Gold Leaf contains no finegold. It is a pure metal-alloy of copper and zinc. By vary of units, 3 different colour grading can be produced. Imitation Gold Leaf 2 1/2 is the most similar colour to the well known gold hue.

The sheets are staggered to ensure quick and easy work. The Application-Set for metal leaf is also suitable.

Available in two high quality grades for different applications:

Standard - gilding of figures, picture frames, decorative objects, borders, stenciling, furniture, wall gilding, ceiling gilding, floristry decoration ...

Premium - poliment gilding with metal leaf, reverse glass gilding, surface gilding.

Imitation Gold Leaf is mostly used with the Kölner Permacoll HA red size. Other suitable adhesives are: quick mixtion, Kölner Aqua Size and oil mixtion where the water-gilding technique is also possible.

Mostly used in the frame-industry and modern decorations on walls, column etc.

Imitation Gold Leaf is only suitable for the interior field and has to be coated with a protective varnish. 

Kölner Leaf Protect is recommended as a protective varnish. Kölner Permacoll patina is used as the last step for artificial aging.

Available colours:

Colour 2 - Dark Gold antique

Colour 2,5 - Middle Gold

Colour 3 - Bright Gold greenish - only Premium quality

Size 160 x 160 mm


Larger quantities on request. In case of technical questions, please don't hesitate to contact our competent team info@noris-blattgold.de


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